Tofte is the largest law firm in Southern Norway with 20 lawyers and 4 associates in addition to four office employees and managing director.

We are located in the new and modern premises in Baneheia Park, Fjellgata 6 in Kristiansand city centre. The firm was formally founded in 2009, following a merger of the law firms AdvokatRådhuset DA and Advokatfirma Tofte &; Co DA. As of June 1, 2021, Advokatfirma Tofte DA has been converted to a limited company (AS).

Tofte provides legal assistance to a considerable number of public clients, large, medium-sized, and small businesses, as well as private clients.

At Advokatfirma Tofte we assist most industries within all areas of business law. Our lawyers also participate in negotiations and assist our clients in a substantial number of cases before the courts. Several of our lawyers have right of audience in the Supreme Court.

Advokatfirma Tofte is affiliated with the Eurojuris Norway network. Eurojuris Norway is one of the country’s largest lawyer networks consisting of 17 independent law firms spread across the country. Through this affiliation, the firm has access to the expertise of all other offices when needed.

In addition to the national network, Eurojuris Norway is linked to Eurojuris International, which constitutes an international network of a total of approx. 600 law firms with over 6,000 lawyers recruited among Europe’s leading law firms.

Environment and Social Responsibility

Diversity, equality, inclusion

At Tofte, we actively work towards an equal, inclusive, and diverse work environment that reflects the diversity in the society we live in and deliver services to.

We believe that a good balance of gender, age distribution, and diversity are advantages that make our services better and our culture richer. Our employees are our most valuable resource and we work towards creating an inclusive workplace where all employees can develop themselves, both professionally and socially, and have the opportunity to balance work and family life.

ISO Certification

At Tofte, we believe it is important to invest time and resources in quality work and actively strive for continuous improvement.

We do this to ensure efficiency and accuracy in the execution of legal services and to provide our clients with the confidence that their legal needs are being taken care of in a reliable and professional manner. We are ISO 9001 certified, ensuring that that we have implemented quality assurance systems and document, monitor, and continuously improve all our internal processes.

Eco-Lighthouse Certification

At Tofte, we want to be drivers of sustainable solutions. As a responsible law firm, environmental work is essential to demonstrate our commitment to the community.

By implementing environmentally friendly practices, reducing our carbon footprint, and supporting initiatives that promote environmental protection, we not only care for the planet but also inspire our clients, employees, and future employees to follow our ambitions and become part of the positive change towards a more sustainable future.


At Tofte, we believe that good collaboration in business networks is essential to expand our knowledge and strengthen our professional development. Through active engagement in business networks, we can share knowledge, best practices and latest industry insights, thus improving our ability to solve complex legal issues and meet our clients’ unique needs.

We are active in several business networks in the Agder region and are proud to be one of the main partners of the Business Association in the Kristiansand region.